Vamos a visitar Costa Rica

Posted by on January 10, 2012

Once again, the days have turned into weeks and I haven’t taken the time to write my blog. Still, it is nice not to have to feel quite as committed to it as I did from Africa when I wrote every Sunday for three years.

The weather in Saskatchewan is the big ‘talk’ as it continues to be mild with no snow. It has been a nice way to adjust to winter after three years in the Zambian sunshine and warmth. We leave on Friday Jan 20th for a few days in Ontario with Ryan, Sally, and Evan before flying to Costa Rica for 5 weeks. That should also help with the adjustment phase.

We are still quite busy with our move to Hanley. With the nice weather, I’ve been trimming trees and doing yard work and Marilyn has started painting rooms in the house. We have a lot of painting to do. Christmas also took a big bite out of our schedule but was a blast.

We also took a day to drive with no particular destination in mind. The landscape in Saskatchewan still fascinates me and everywhere we go, everything is a picture.

If you didn’t catch this news item on CTV about Zambia, then check it out.  QUITE SHOCKING

This blog is short if you don’t count the fact that each picture is worth a thousand words. Enjoy.

Abandoned House

It is so common to see many abandoned homesteads when driving around Saskatchewan.

A typical building in a small Saskatchewan town

One of many rural churches which dot the landscape


Taking advantage of the spring-like weather

Bob's Man Shed (all cleaned and organized)


A "new and improved" grain elevator



Peter's Family Christamas


Traditional Boxing Day Family Bowling


St.Peter's Cathedral (about 100km east of Hanley)


Santa visits our new home (with lots of presents)


I’ve bought the 1985 Chrysler Newport that is sitting in our garage (conditional on mechanical inspection this Wednesday)

Only 81,000km (It started right up after sitting for two years)


The Newport will go nicely with these others in my collection




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